Conferences & workshops

“GDPR is everyone's responsability"
Webmardi (Lausanne, Switzerland) - May, 2018

“Privacy by Ethical Design"
#GEN5 (Metz, France) - September, 2017

“DataViz - An image is worth 1000 databases"
(Geneva, Switzerland) - July, 2017

“Designing for Privacy"
(London, UK) - March, 2017

“Designers & developers: how to collaborate better"
TDS (Lausanne, Switzerland) - April, 2016

“Why design won’t save the world"
Blend (Lyon, France) - October, 2014

"Designer vs Sportsman... Which athlete are you?"
Blend (Lyon, France) - October, 2014

"Design and User Experience for e-commerce and apps"
#GEN2 (Metz, France) - October, 2014

"User Experience: a performance accelerator"
Digital Day (Geneva, Switzerland) - July, 2014

"From pens to pixels"
TDS (Geneva, Switzerland) - February, 2014

"Sketching the User Experience"
Design Mondays (Lausanne, Switzerland) - January, 2014

“The importance of design in the success stories of the net economy"
Blend (Lyon, France) - October, 2013